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Policy 705 - Public Safety Inspection

705. Public Safety Inspection


External inspections are defined as those performed by various government agencies, including but not limited to, the Santa Clara Fire Department, Santa Clara County Toxics Division, Department of Toxic Substance Control, San Jose Water Quality Control Plant, Bay Area Air Quality Management District, California Occupational Safety and Health Authority. The inspections provided by these agencies are to insure compliance with federal, state and local regulations, to respond to emergencies, and to investigate complaints.

Insurance agencies and contracted personnel may inspect University facilities to ensure compliance with regulations, investigate accidents, injuries, incidents, and inspect safety equipment.

Internal inspections are performed by Department Safety Coordinators, Safety Services Manager(SSM), Fire Inspector/Safety Officer (FISO), Public Safety Officers, and Facilities Maintenance Personnel. The purpose of their inspections is to prevent, respond to, and investigate injuries, accidents, chemical releases, and complaints.


The Department of Public Safety will notify any faculty and staff one week prior to a planned facility inspection that will affect their building. Any member of a department may request to accompany the inspectors during the inspection. However, exact dates and times are difficult to keep due to emergencies, and such arrangements must be flexible. To prevent the disruption of classes and special events, the internal inspector(s) may be asked to avoid certain areas.

The SSM and FISO reserve the right to inspect an area without notification for emergencies, hazard reports, and complaints. All outside agency inspections may occur without notification.

If any faculty or staff member encounters an unescorted, outside agency inspector, s/he should call Public Safety, to meet and discuss the inspection with the agency. After discussing the nature of the inspection with the appropriate safety personnel, outside agencies reserve the right to interview employees without the presence of safety personnel and supervisors.

When an outside agency inspector takes a sample (air, water, or soil), additional samples will be taken for the University at the same time from the same area. Any employees who may be affected will be notified of the existence of any hazards.

If the SSM or FISO notices a hazard outside of an inspection, while going through an area on other business, they shall record and report the hazard. These hazards will be reported to the appropriate Safety Coordinator or Administrator. In addition, certain circumstances may require, by regulation, that the incident be reported to an outside agency.

Each department that generates waste shall be required upon request by the SSM or FISO to provide a hazardous waste list quarterly. Hazardous waste pick ups shall be completed every 90 days by the SSM or FISO. All waste generators will be contacted three weeks prior to the pick up.

Individual departments shall have their Safety Coordinator, or designee, inspect their designated area bi-monthly. If there is a large area to cover for one department, the bi- monthly inspections may rotate through the various divisions. If the Safety Coordinator is unable to perform this function, then designated alternates shall be responsible.


This policy applies to all University facilities and departments and shall be enforced through the Vice President for Administration and Finance.

Individual departments are responsible to coordinate their bi-monthly area inspection with the Safety Coordinator. All supervisors are responsible for reporting any incidence of concern.


Contact the Safety Services Manager in the Department of Public Safety for questions or concerns regarding this policy and its implementation.

Policy Approved: October 23, 1998

Last Updated: October 28, 1998

Last Reviewed: June 30 2022

Maintainer: Human Resources

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