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Book of the Quarter

University Ethics, Spring 2017

University Ethics book cover

University Ethics book cover

Spring 2017

University Ethics book cover

Tuesday, May 9 from 4-5:15 PM
Learning Commons, St. Clare Room

James F. Keenan, S.J., is a world-renowned Jesuit moral theologian who has taught at American universities for the last four decades. He is currently Canisius Professor of Philosophy at Boston College, where he is also director of the Jesuit Institute.

In this groundbreaking new book, University Ethics: How Colleges Can Build and Benefit from a Culture of EthicsKeenan addresses an issue he has been raising for years: Why don’t we have “university ethics”? We have the fields of legal ethics, business ethics, and medical ethics, and we also have codes of ethics for engineers. But the world of universities – from the way students are graded, to the way administrators conduct hiring, to the outsized role of adjunct faculty – does not operate by or have an established set of ethical norms and practices.

Keenan’s book seeks to change this glaring deficit and start a conversation among all university employees and departments.

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Apr 5, 2017