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Student and Faculty Research

  • Through collaboration, Santa Clara students and faculty are able to effectively produce solutions that are applicable to the real world problems. Manav Jaiswal, a gradate Computer Engineering student, won Best Paper Award for "Design and Implementation of Greener Home Automation System". With help from Dr. Ling and Dr. Liu, Jaiswal was able to apply the theories he has learned to practice.

  • Santa Clara embraces the intersection engineering practice and Jesuit ideals, promoting advances in service to humanity through student and faculty research. Fr. Guillermo Blason is currently enrolled in the graduate Frugal Innovation Certificate program and hopes to expand his knowledge of sustainable engineering through his work with Dr. Ashley Kim to create portable electrochemical sensors that test for arsenic in water. This project will be of benefit to SCU's sister school Universidad Católica de Córdoba, which works to provide clean water to the surrounding areas.

  • Santa Clara's faculty pushes students to the frontiers of knowledge and experimentation, challenging them to solve persistent problems. Dr. Zhang presented his students with the challenge of creating a noninvasive portable glucose monitor for less than $100, and many of them rose to the challenge by creating innovative products. Bioengineering students Casey Kiyohara '17 and Ciara Gonzales successfully developed a monitoring device that has the potential to bring comfort to millions of people around the world who need to test their glucose levels on a daily basis.

  • Santa Clara University provides unique, hands-on experiences and opportunities for collaboration between faculty and students. The College of Arts and Sciences Digital Humanities Initiative brought together students and faculty colleagues from several departments to explore the impact digital technology has on archival research. The initiative allowed participants to explore cross-disciplinary approaches to traditional questions associated with humanities and the digital age.

  • We promote a culture of service—not only to those who study and work at Santa Clara but also to disadvantaged members of our community as we work to build a more humane, just, and sustainable world. Students working with Professor Chris Bacon examined the harsh realities of hunger in Silicon Valley. Their efforts are helping to improve services that combat food insecurity in the region and providing hands on experience making a difference in the community.