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The SWIRL Initiative draws upon research-informed best practices for teaching and learning that seek to promote students’ success. SWIRL engages faculty in designing assignments and instructional activities that enable all students to better understand, analyze, and apply disciplinary conventions of writing and research in their coursework.

The SWIRL Initiative is guided by the following principles:

learners and learning matter most
iterative development
One Column
Research-Based Writing in the Disciplines

A Faculty Learning Community (FLC), of approximately 10 faculty members from different disciplines, designed to directly benefit participants' ongoing teaching.

This FLC will explore how to improve students' writing, use of information, and critical thinking especially within the disciplines. Meetings will focus on brief assigned articles and work with FLC member assignments.
For more information contact Chris Bachen or Julia Voss.

WRITE Assignment Design Tool

The Writing and Research Instrument for Transfer and Equity (WRITE) Assignment Design Tool guides faculty through the design and revision of research- and writing-intensive assignments. It is grounded in the Transparency in Teaching and Learning (TILT) framework, which promotes equitable learning among students.

TILT Resources
Assignment Design Template
Information Literacy Framework