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Focused on imaginative, effective teaching, cafe dialogues draw faculty from a range of disciplines, inviting colleagues to learn from each another by sharing essential and emerging tools to nurture and challenge students. Cafe helps facilitate an education that allows students to address real-world problems and serve not only their community, but also the world as competent, conscientious, and compassionate individuals.

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CAFE Schedule

CAFE: What are Faculty Doing with Online Digital Collections?
Thursday, November 1, 12:15pm-1:15pm
Learning Commons, Production Studio A

Join us as faculty from Anthropology, Art & Art History, Education, English, and History–along with staff from Archives and Special Collections and Academic Technology–share their projects-in-progress from the SCU Summer Digital Humanities Incubator on Omeka/Neatline. Includes lunch.

What’s Omeka/Neatline, you say? Learn more at that link, check out some of the demos here, and/or see your Santa Clara colleagues’ work at this showcase. Find out why they are messing around with these exciting, powerful new tools, what they are building, and how they expect their projects to benefit student learning and their research. Walk around the digital showcase to explore projects and talk to participants; followed by open Q&A.

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CAFE: Jose Bowen’s Teaching Naked Techniques: The Sequel
Monday, November 12, 11:45am-12:45pm
Lucas 126

Last June 45 faculty participated in a 3-hour session with award-winning educator Jose Bowen focused on student engagement and deep learning. Joins us as we check in with Pedro Hernández-Ramos (Education), Francine Gordon (Management), Tamsen McGinley (Math/Computer Science), Sally Vance-Trembath (Religious Studies) and Michael Zampelli, SJ (Theatre and Dance) to hear how they are trying new (naked?) practices in response to Bowen.  

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CAFE: Course (Re)design
Tuesday, November 27, 12:15pm-1:15pm
Lucas 126

Thinking about the course as a whole: Reflections on course (re)design and planning. Includes lunch. 

Faculty who have recently (re)designed courses will share their approaches to course design. Whether triggered by a curriculum change or an opportunity to teach online or because of a new passion/interest, there are lots of times when we rethink our courses or develop new ones. What are different approaches one might take when putting together a course? What has worked? And what’s needed to be tweaked? Join us for this conversation (and stay tuned…there’s a hands-on workshop on this very topic on December 13!).

Want to learn more?

Check out this set of resources at the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching at U of Michigan.

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