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Department ofTheatre and Dance

THTR 36/136 - Scene Painting

Introduction into the styles, techniques, and application of scenic art as it relates to the theatre. This includes color theory, light and shadow, and the interpreting of a painter's elevation and/or scenic research for the stage. Projects include wood graining, stone, marble, and foliage. Enrollment in upper division of Scene Painting (THTR 136) is based on completion of the lower division or skill level of the student. The advanced level will deal with historical Trompe L'Oeil and Grisaille techniques of painting when painting architectural reliefs, fabric/drapery and ornamentation. Offered in alternate years. (4 units)

"Scene painting is really an extension of what a set designer does - I may have the vision/idea for the set but it needs that color, that look to really finish that world, that illusion." - Jerald Enos