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Sidebar Breakout

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Use the full page width for content below the sidebar

This layout introduces an option to split the main content into two areas - one that's adjacent to the sidebar navigation, and another that follows the navigation and uses the full page width. If your page includes content that would benefit from using more horizontal space this composition might be a good choice. It's similar to the Full Width layout, except that it includes the sidebar navigation menu. Here's how to set it up:

  • Switch the page layout to Site Main: Sidebar Breakout Landing
  • Set the Inheritable Page Layout to your default page layout (likely Site Main Inner)

Site Main page layout screen shot

  • Add content items to the section
  • Add the Sidebar Breakout Content Divider content type - this should be positioned in your content list just after the content that you will have displayed next to the sidebar.

You can move content items around in your list to get the best composition - the items listed before the Divider will be displayed next to the sidebar, with the rest displayed in the full page width below.

"As a Child Studies major, I've not only learned tools centered around child advocacy, but I've been able to apply these skills through SCU's donor support.."

Leiska Van Staaveren, 2019


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