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Rally Song Contest

To all Broncos both past and present,

To start off, let us say that we love Santa Clara. Both of us are passionate fans of this University and all that it represents in terms of academics, athletics, and community. Acknowledging the importance of tradition at Santa Clara, we would like to assert our intentions for creating the new Rally Song.

We are not trying to overwrite the traditions of our past, we simply want to add to the legacy which is already here.The Alma Mater and the Fight Song both serve distinct needs and it is our belief that a Rally Song would as well, with a repeating chorus which would unify all Broncos at events.

Therefore it is our intent to sponsor a contest to help create this Rally Song, and to open it up to all members of the Bronco community with a cash prize for the winner. The decision will be made by a coalition of Students, Faculty, Administrators, and Alumni. The song will be judged on the criteria of Historical References, Ease of Learning, Musical Merit, and the Chorus.

Our goals in doing this is to enrich the traditions and bring back some of the school spirit that has been lacking at SCU in recent days. We truly love this school and believe that this contest will be an amazing opportunity for students and alumni to become more involved with the spirit and traditions of this beautiful institution. If you are interested in learning more, please go to for information.

Go Broncos!

Tom Valentine
Senior Class Senator      

Cormac McOsker
Junior Class Senator, President of Ruff Riders

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