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Regional Communities

Stay connected to SCU, no matter where you are!

The purpose of a community is to provide a vehicle for bringing together Santa Clara Alumni in order to foster a spirit of loyalty and warm relationships amongst themselves and to initiate and encourage activities that generate goodwill and support for Santa Clara University’s Jesuit mission.

To participate, update your contact information on record. Our primary form of communication is email, so please make sure that your contact information is current, reflecting the region that you live in, and that your preferred email address is noted in our Online Alumni Directory.
Choose a community near you to learn how to connect with Broncos in your area.

Domestic Communities

Domestic Communities are defined by geography, including U.S. Territories, and are open to all alumni, current parents, and friends of Santa Clara to enhance relationships with one another and with the University. These communities need at least 200 Broncos to be classified as a community and are supported by local volunteer leadership.

International Communities

Defined by geography​, ​are open to all alumni, current parents, and friends of Santa Clara to enhance relationships with one another and the University​.​

  • Not Finding a Community? Event in a Box – Organize a Santa Clara event in your area!

    Each year the Santa Clara Alumni Association receives numerous requests from alumni across the country for events in their area.  We greatly appreciate the enthusiasm of our alumni and always want to encourage those connected to Santa Clara to get together.  If you do not find a community in your area, nor the minimum number of alumni required to start a community (200) we have an opportunity for you. The Event in a Box program allows alumni to host their own alumni event.

  1. Submit the Event in a Box Application Form prior to the event (eight to 10 weeks is recommended).
  2. Contact your venue to reserve space and determine price per person.
  3. Finalize the contract with your venue (if applicable) and coordinate logistics.
  4. Promote your event. Contact area alumni to encourage attendance (via social media, phone calls, etc.)  Work with the SCU Alumni Association Office to coordinate email blasts and/or additional social media promotion.
  5. Determine your volunteer job needs, such as registration, decorations, photography and cleanup.
  6. Following the event, complete the Event Summary Report and send it to the Alumni Association Office.

The SCU Alumni Association Office will:

  1. Assist event planner with creation and execution of promotional plan (i.e., email invitations).
  2. Send Event in a Box supplies and the Event Summary Report to the event planner.
    1. Name tags and registration sheet
    2. SCU swag for each guest
    3. SCU pennant for a group photo
  3. Take registrations.

Event In A Box Application

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