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Searching for a Job

Okay, so you’re here. Time to look for a job.

Whether you’re just out of college, in need of a new company, or ready to switch industries entirely, this is the place for you. We know this seems like a big undertaking (and it is), but we’re here to help!





Are you thinking about making a career change? Check out this guide for reference.

Maybe you’ve taken time off to raise children, or care for a sick relative, or to travel the world. Whatever the reason, now you’re ready to get back in the workforce. Here are some resources to help with this process. 

This is a tough process. Need some guidance? Meet with your alumni career counselor.

Branding is simply a way of being clear about who you are and articulating that consistently as you look for jobs, internships, or volunteer opportunities.

  • Brand4U - Watch a lecture from Buford Barr, and use the worksheet as a tool to help you define or clarify your personal brand.

No matter where you are on your career journey, having a Expanding my Network will always be helpful.

Informational Interviewing is a way to learn from professionals about an industry or job and discover what qualities are needed to succeed in a particular field. While informational interviewing is NOT asking for a job, in the long run, the majority of jobs are found through your professional contacts, and informational interviewing is one of the best ways to build that network.

Use these as a starting point for applying to jobs online.

Discover helpful resources to assist as you prepare for interviews.

As a general rule, do not accept the offer immediately. Give yourself time, even just one evening, to make sure you are making the right decision.