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  • Applying to Grad School

    Many Broncos continue their education with a second degree. But grad school isn’t for everyone. Make sure to fully evaluate if this investment would be a helpful step in your career.

  • Searching for a Job

    Whether you’re just out of college, in need of a new company, or ready to switch industries entirely, this is the place for you. We know this seems like a big undertaking (and it is), but we’re here to help!

  • Expanding my Network

    All we’re really encouraging here is building and maintaining relationships. No matter where you are on your career journey, having a strong network will always be helpful.

  • Deepening my Expertise

    We’ve got some resources that may help you deepen your current expertise, and in true Bronco spirit, continue your quest for lifelong learning.

  • Retiring

    This a big step. A step that often comes with a combination of excitement and anxiety. Just like when you graduated from SCU, people are probably asking "what’s next?" Do you know the answer? If not, do not fret. Your Alumni Association is here to help.

Did you know? The Career Center is ready and available to meet with you in person or virtually for one on one counseling appointments. Make an appointment with a Career Development Specialist now »