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Applying to Grad School

So you're considering graduate school. Good for you!

Many Broncos continue their education with a second degree. But grad school isn't for everyone. Make sure to fully evaluate if this investment would be a helpful step in your career.


Here are some things to consider and resources to help you continue your education:



Is graduate school the right move for you? Check out this list of questions to ask yourself for a bit of guidance.

Where to begin? Find some great schools and programs through these sites.

What should you consider before choosing a program? Review these questions to feel more confident about your decision

So you’re invested in going to grad school. Learn about the other common requirements in addition to your application.

  • SCU Transcripts
  • Admissions Exams

    Refer to the admissions requirements of specific schools to find out the following:

    - What test is required?
    - What score do I have to get?
    - When does my score have to be received by the school(s) to which I’m applying?

    Descriptions of Admissions Exams

    Resources for Exam Preparation

  • Personal Statement

    Communicate who you are and your interest in the field through stories and examples.

    - Why are you interested in this field? Is there a specific event in your studies or in your personal life that sparked your interest?

    - Why are you qualified? What courses, internships, jobs, or other experiences prove that you have the skills needed for this field?

    - Why this graduate school? Mention professors or aspects of the program that appeal to you.

    - What are your future career goals? Link the program specifics to your goals.

    Some applications call for a 1-2 page statement, while others require responses to a series of questions. Schools will usually want to know some variation of the questions above. Do not write one statement and submit it to everyone.

    Humanities/Social Sciences Sample
    Law School Sample
    MBA Sample
    Medical School Sample
    Engineering Sample


  • Letters of Recommendation

    - Supervisors
    - Faculty with expertise relevant to your graduate program

    - Ask your potential recommenders if they feel they know you well enough to write a letter
    - Give them at least 3-4 weeks to write a letter
    - Ask if they would also be willing to write a 3-4 sentence recommendation for your LinkedIn profile

    - Provide your recommender with your resume and personal statement
    - Meet to discuss the program requirements, your achievements and qualifications, and suggestions for what each recommender might emphasize

This could be the right move, but how do I pay for it? Here are some resources.

This decision and/or process would be stressful for anyone. Meet with a Career Coach for additional help.