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SCU Switchboard Turns One!

Broncos everywhere use Switchboard to ask for what they need and offer what they have to give

Over the past year...

Broncos posted nearly 400 asks and offers for Jobs/Internships, Advice, Hosting, Housing, Goods and more.

Nearly 1.600 Broncos strong

  • 96.7% of SCU Switchboard members actively participate including alumni, students, staff, faculty, parents, and friends)

Bringing generations of Broncos together to help each other

  • Members span from the class of 1953 to the class of 2021
  • 21 countries are home to SCU's Switchboard Users
  • 72% of people on Switchboard are alumni
  • 35 stages house SCU Switchboard members
  • 7,500+ views on Switchboard posts
  • 1,100+ comments and messages on posts

Broncos like helping Broncos

  • You will be heard; 82% of people asking for or offering advice receive a response

Switchboard works

  • Broncos have found advice, informational interviews, jobs, housing, nannies, assistance moving, dog walkers, as well as sold goods, provided calligraphy services, and much more because Broncos trust Broncos

Here's what fellow Broncos have to say:

  • "As an alumna, I'm excited how Switchboard helps me not only connect with fellow alumni, but also with current students and members of the greater Santa Clara community." - Jeanne-Marie Carr '86
  • "Switchboard is so much better than Craigslist...We sold the bike and the transaction was safe and went very smoothly." - Jane Duong Davaransky '00
  • "As SCU's Switchboard grows, so, too, does the collective response to its multiple and varied posts (including my own!)." - Brent Gilliland '84

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*Information as of 9/8/17

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