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Urban Agriculture


Charles Street Gardens Sunnyvale, Ca.

Urban Agriculture in Silicon Valley

Our research focuses on providing high-quality information that can help to make the local food system more sustainable, healthy, and fair. We are particularly concerned with how urban agriculture—or the production, distribution, and exchange of food in cities and at their edges—can contribute to greater food security and improved access to healthy foods for underserved communities. Working with local partners, we also explore obstacles to urban agriculture, relevant policies, and innovative models for agriculture and food access in this heavily urbanized region.


Small Farms, Big Potential: Growing a Resilient Local Food System

Food System Alliance - Executive Summary

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Publications and resources

Food Gardening in Santa Clara County: Preliminary Results 

This report summarizes the results of a garden harvest study, in which 86 volunteers weighed what they harvested from their gardens, and a survey of more than 400 Santa Clara County food gardeners in 2015.  Our preliminary results show that gardeners from diverse backgrounds are producing food that contributes to household consumption of nutritious and culturally important vegetables.