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2015 Award Recipients

Student Awards

Several prizes and honors are awarded by the University and the various undergraduate colleges each year for exceptional research and service by Santa Clara students. We would like to honor and acknowledge those religious studies majors and minors who have earned the high regard of the department and the University.

Religious Studies Prize - Jonathan Homrighausen

Theodore J. Mackin Senior Paper Award - Gina Pasquali

Tennant C. Wright, SJ Award for Outstanding RS Minor - Amia Nash

Catherine Bell Award - Gus Hardy

Joseph A. Grassi Social Justice Award - Ian Layton

Chair's Recognition Award - Anthony Ferrari


Graduating Majors:

Marianna Allen Jonathan Homrighausen
Tyson Dethlefsen Ian Layton
Lindsay Fay Susan Lewin
Anthony Ferrari Gina Pasquali
Regina Fields Samuel Reigel


Graduating Minors:

Nikita Amundsen Claire Ingebretsen
Brenda Arellano Christian Kenney
Jessica Farran Amia Nash
John Gotcher Alejandra Ruiz
Catherine Rose Grimes Bertha Uribe
Araceli Gutierrez Eric Wu


New Theta Alpha Kappa Honor Society Members:

Nikita Amundesen Christian Kenney
Brenda Arellano Blair Libby
 Jessica Farran  Jenna Lipman
 Regina Fields  Sophia Lyon
 Analisa Fuentes  Samuel Riegel
 Gus Hardy  Alejandra Ruiz
 Christopher Iliff  Bertha Uribe
 Claire Ingebretsen  Eric Wu


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