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Department ofReligious Studies


AIMES Spring Banquet

This quarter marks the 11th year of our AIMES program--SCU's interdisciplinary minor in Arabic, Islamic, and Middle Eastern Studies-and we marked the occasion with a Spring banquet attended by some 35 students and faculty members.  Book prizes were awarded to our 6 graduating seniors; and Professor Mohammed Kadalah, our new Arabic lecturer in Modern Languages, recited verses by the Syrian poet Nizar Qabbani.  

For anyone hungry for the taste of good falafel and hummus, this was the place to be, with accompaniment provided by a playlist featuring superstars such as Umm Kulthum and Fayrouz. (And who wouldn't go out of their way to hear Fayrouz sing one more time of how "I waited for you through both summer and winter"?)

- David Pinault, AIMES director