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Bev Olivo

Bev Olivo

Beverly Olivo '16

An update from Beverly Olivo '16:

"It’s been over 4 years since I finished my undergraduate degree in Religious Studies. I was a very non-traditional Santa Clara University student. As a Senior Administrative Assistant in the Leavey School of Business, I had a lifelong desire to finish my degree. I waited until my youngest child was driving before I went back to school. I wanted to study something I loved, so I started out as a history major.

Christian Traditions with Jan Giddings was a particularly pivotal experience. She helped me realize that the study of religion is relevant to everyday life. It is a combination of all the subjects I love, rolled into one - history, sociology, anthropology, and theology. I immediately changed my major.

Taking one class per quarter, my journey took nine years! All my Religious Studies courses were amazing. I got a thorough foundation in Judaism and Christianity, immensely enjoyed Theology of Marriage, Theology of Death, Religions in America, and Zen in Theory & Practice. I’m so appreciative to all the wonderful professors I had the privilege to learn from and to Vicky Gonzalez for patiently helping me navigate the major. I am now retiring from SCU after 15 wonderful years in the business school but the Religious Studies experience will always be one I treasure."