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Department ofReligious Studies


Karen Peterson-Iyer Book Launch

Reenvisioning Sexual Ethics: A Feminist Christian Account

On Tuesday May 17, Karen Peterson-Iyer (Prof KPI) formally launched her new book, Reenvisioning Sexual Ethics: A Feminist Christian Account (Georgetown University Press, 2022), at a gathering entitled “Was It ‘good 4 u?’ Reenvisioning Sexual Ethics.” The event brought together faculty and students from across the university, including a good showing of RS majors and minors. Also present were many current and former students from TESP 119, “Theology, Sex, and Relationships,” a class Prof KPI has been teaching for many years and that inspired large portions of the book. Following the book talk, attendees explored, through Q&A and conversation together, some of the thorniest challenges of articulating a meaningful sexual ethic in today’s world and campus environment. And, the cookies weren’t bad, either! Anyone who would like to purchase the book from Georgetown University Press is invited to use the “friends and family” 30% discount code of TGUF.