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Religious Studies Award Winners and TAK Inductees

Religious Studies Award Recipients


Religious Studies Prize for the Academically Outstanding Major: Vaniah Holtz

Theodore Mackin, Award for the finest Senior Paper: Katherine Burkhuch

Joseph Grassi Social Justice Award: Joseph Alexander-Short and Celia Trujillo

Chair’s Recognition Award for Outstanding Academic Promise and Commitment to the Profession: Seher Siddiqee

Tennant C. Wright, S.J. Award for the Outstanding Minor: Erin Callister and Edward Nugent

Catherine Bell Award for a Junior major of exceptional academic achievement and promise: Jonathan Homrighausen


The following students were inducted to Theta Alpha Kappa, the national honor society for religious and theological studies:

Jennifer Savage*

Claire Bevan*

Marko Buljan*

Erin Callister*

Tyson Dethlefson

Anthony Ferrari

Maira Gutierrez*

Jonathan Homrighausen

Ian Layton

Jared Mainini*

Edward Nugent*

Beverly Olivo

Gina Pasqualli

Amia Nash

Estelle Richardson*

Alison Rogel*

Callie Wallace*

*Graduating Senior


The following graduates were already TAK members and received honor cords to wear at graduation:

Joseph Alexander-Short

Katherine Burkhuch

Vaniah Holtz

Seher Siddiqee

Celia Trujillo

Veronica Herr

Katya Nemec

Nicholas Staib

Stephanie Traulsen


The following Religious Studies Major received the Richard J. Riordan Award in recognition of her outstanding contributions to service through her work with the marginalized and underserved populations outside of the University community:

Celia Trujillo

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