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RS Alum, Tony Ferrari Visits TESP 165: Romero & Salvadoran Martyrs Class – Winter ‘16

It was my pleasure to come to Professor Ana Maria Pineda, RSM’s class to talk about Jesuit Father Rutilio Grande. While at Santa Clara University, I had the privilege of taking a course on “Archbishop Romero and the Salvadoran Martyrs.” In the class I learned about Rutilio Grande, S.J. from Professor Pineda. It was Rutilio Grande’s courage and commitment to the gospel that inspired me to learn more about him. With Professor Pineda’s encouragement and guidance, I helped facilitate the first translation of Rutilio Grande’s Apopa Sermon. This sermon delivered by Grande protested the abusive treatment of Father Mario Bernal who ministered in El Salvador. I graduated in 2015 and when Professor Pineda asked me to come and speak to her class about Rutilio Grande and the Apopa sermon, I was thrilled! While visiting her class, I was able to share parts of the sermon. Also, I talked about my trip to El Salvador, in which I had the opportunity to see where Grande did his ministry. In the Apopa sermon, Rutilio Grande decries injustice and challenges us to build a world based on the principles of the gospel. He reminds us that a gospel of love and inclusion is naturally subversive to systems of injustice and oppression. In our world today, we don’t have to look very far to find injustice and exclusion. Thus, it is essential that we all continue Rutilio Grande’s mission of preaching the gospel and building the kingdom of God. It is always a pleasure to honor Rutilio Grande and share his legacy with others.

-Tony Ferrari, Class of 2015

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