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Department ofReligious Studies


Teresia Hinga Spring 2021 Update

Writes and speaks about Global Ethics and Sustainability.

As a Designated Forum writer (On African Perspectives on Ethics) for Catholic Ethics in The World Church Monthly Newsletter, entitled "The First" (edited by Kristin Heyer) Teresia Hinga submitted an article on Wangari Maathai, the first African woman Nobel Peace Prize winner for 2004. Her prize was for her ecofeminist work particularly regarding trees. In the essay, Hinga explains her idea and practice of the Hummingbird Spirit of resilience and hope.

Following the Conference hosted by Myriam Renaud at the University of Chicago Divinity School on the Concept of the Global Ethic and Diverse Religious Perspectives, the papers presented have been published in a volume entitled Multi Religious Perspectives on a Global Ethic: In Search of a Common Morality (Routledge 2021). Hinga’s essay, based on her presentation at the conference is entitled "Tapping  The Moral Wisdom of Africa’s Triple Plus Heritage of Religion and Culture." In the essay, Hinga explores specifically the contribution of African Indigenous Religions to the Global ethic idea and practice.

During the recently concluded activities surrounding Earth Day, (ie tUrn Events facilitated by Kristin Kusanovich) Hinga was one of the three Panelists in a Panel discussing the issue of Water in the Search for Sustainability.

Meanwhile, as Sarah Robinson has reported, their co-edited book, Valuing Lives Healing Earth is just off the presses, published in June 2021. The book developed from a panel Hinga organized at the CTSA in 2016, when the theme was sustainability.  Their panel was in honor of Professor Rosemary Ruether, pioneer ecofeminist who in 1996 facilitated the writing on environmental justice by women from the Global South. Their book is a sequel and celebration of Prof Ruether’s pioneering book, Women Healing the Earth (Orbis 1996). The book will be published by Peeters (June 2021), with co editors: Theresa Yugar, Teresia Hinga, Lilian Dube and Sarah Robinson.