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Ana Maria Pineda

Ana Maria Pineda

The Recent Travels of Ana Maria Pineda, RSM

Ana Maria Pineda, RSM Presents at World Union of Jesuit Alumni Conference & Travels to El Salvador

In July 2017, Prof. Ana Maria Pineda, RSM gave a presentation at the World Union of Jesuit Alumni Conference held at John Carroll University in Cleveland entitled: "Oscar Romero & Rutilio Grande: Exploring the Path of Modern Martyrs." mAs a result of presentation, her book Romero & Grande:  Companions on the Journey has been added to the Société des Bollandistes, a Jesuit research institute dedicated to the critical study of Greek, Latin, Oriental and vernacular hagiographic literature as well as to the history of the saints and their cults.

Ana Maria Pineda, RSM with founders and youth of Papaturro, El Salvador

Ana Maria Pineda, RSM with founders and youth of Papaturro, El Salvador

In early November, Ana Maria Pineda, RSM journeyed to El Salvador to attend a board meeting of CRISPAZ, a faith-based organization dedicated to building bridges of solidarity between the Church of the poor in El Salvador, U.S. communities, and others. The board traveled to the rural site of Papaturro to meet with that community's founders and its youth who continue to work in creating a community of hope and shared vision. Papaturro testified to the ability of suffering people to create their own future in the midst of challenging realities and serves as a model for many. In addition, the board visited the Center for Art and Peace in Suchitoto, which was founded by Sister Peggy O'Neill. The center is a place of healing and empowerment for the town and surrounding communities.

While in El Salvador, Pineda participated in the 28th anniversary celebration of the UCA Martyrs (Jesuit University in El Salvador).  The gathering was a time not only to solemnly remember the memories of their deaths, but also to live in the joyful hope that injustice and oppression can be overcome.   Afterwards, she continued her research on Father Rutilio Grande, SJ in the Jesuit archives in San Salvador.

Ana Maria Pineda family

Ana Maria Pineda family

On a personal note, the Pineda Family was honored at her home parish of St. Peter's in the Mission District of San Francisco for more than sixty years of service and dedication. Special mention was made of her parents Jose Antonio and Matilde Pineda.


Ana Maria Pineda participating in UCA Martyrs Vigil

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