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Department ofSociology


2015 Silicon Valley Notebook

The Sociology Department at Santa Clara University is proud to present, in this volume of Silicon Valley Notebook, seven research papers written by students from the class of 2015. These papers reflect the substantive, theoretical, and methodological depth of the Sociology curriculum. Origi-nally prepared as part of the Research Capstone course (Sociology 121), the student authors fur-ther refined their papers during the following quarter for inclusion in this volume.

Taken together, the authors studied important social issues such as success of new second-generation immigrants, pediatric health care, effective education strategies, and delinquency. Each conducted rigorous quantitative analyses of national secondary survey data to test predictions grounded in sociological theoretical traditions. Qualitative interviews with sources knowledgeable about their respective topics were used to complement the quantitative findings.

Here is the list of papers and authors. Congratulations to the Student Authors!!

Studies of Contemporary Social Issues:
Well Being through the Life Course and Organizational Challenges

Adolescents: Social Mobility and Health High School Seniors’ College Plans: Gendered Varia-tions in the Effects of Academic Agency, Cultural and Social Capital
By Laila Anne Waheed

Gendered Differences in Adolescent Body Image: Youth Agency, Protective and Risk Factors
By Kathryn L. Luna

Children’s Health: Family, Social Environment, and Child Activity
By Anna Garvey

Adults: Well Being, Crime, Minority Status Family, Intimate Partners, and Adult Self-Concept
By Danae Vanessa Dickson

Health Implications of Violent Crime Victimization and Resources
By Emily Szabelski

Minority Status, Cumulative Disadvantage, and Health Consequences
By Leslie E. Sapon

Organizational Challenges Gendered Collegiate Sports: Athlete-Student or Student-Athlete?
By Derek Bradley Eng

Vol. 13, 2015