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Department ofSociology


2016 Senior Quotes

“Helped me form a plan for what I want to do.”

“My quantitative research helped me gather information about potential risk factors for community violence (useful in my work).

“I would like to do non-profit work with people who have been incarcerated/are criminal justice involved. I plan to get my MSW in a few years and hopefully my law degree someday.”

“I hope to go into law and work on social issues (immigration, education, etc.”

“I am planning on teaching abroad for a year before returning and teaching in the U.S.”

“They provided a unique framework for life in general and gave me perspective to make informed decisions about serious issues.”

“I’d love to get in the non-profit field, perhaps with children. I also want to incorporate my writing skills so maybe PR-related.”

“Awareness of privilege, how our sociology lessons are applicable to everyday life and interactions, to be an informed, active human.”

“Sociology helped me learn to be open-minded.”

“Go to medical school and become an amazing fabulous surgeon.”

“Learned how passion could be made into a career.”

“A degree conducive to working with people.”

"When I switched my major to sociology everyone welcomed me with open arms and were very accepting.”

“Speaking with teachers about my options and seeing actual numbers of how many people go into what field after graduation.”

“Upper division courses broadened my perspective of social issues prevalent in the past and present society. They have also helped me better understand why certain things/behaviors happen.”