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Department ofSociology


2016 Silicon Valley Notebook

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Volume 14, 2016 Studies of Contemporary Social Issues: Political Agency, Social Problems, and Life Transitions


Success of Digital Activism: Roles of Structures and Media Strategies

By Bowen Shi

Risk-Taking and Drug Use by Adults and Adolescents: Family Structures, Lifetime Relationships, and Risk Taking in Adulthood

By Eryn Olson

Adolescent Transitions from Licit to Illicit Drug Use: Impacts of Protective and Risk Factors

By Jenna R. Harrison

Life Transitions and Rebuilding: The Search for the American Dream: Interpersonal, Cultural, and Structural Constraints on Immigrants

By Milenna Smith

Natal Family Disruptions and Lives in Nonparental Care: Impacts on Child's Emotional Health and Academic Achievements

By Juliet Heid

Research Note: The Ideology and Praxis of Political Moderates: More Liberal than Conservative?

By Alec Kwo