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Department ofSociology


Capstone Highlight

Sociology Seniors partner with SCU School of Engineering to study humanitarian aid for global refugee populations

In Fall Soc 121, in partnership with the SCU School of Engineering Frugal Innovation Hub, sociology majors designed and researched their own sociological research studies on topics related to humanitarian aid for global refugee populations. Sample projects included:

  • Humanitarian Mobile Technology for Disabled Climate Refugees by Ana Martinez
  • Addressing Menstruation Poverty and Stigma Amongst Refugees in a Culturally Competent Manner by Naomi Yang
  • Resettled Refugees and Food by Cathy Moya
  • Refugee Camps and Violence: Context and Interventions by Kiara Nevarez
  • Refugee Students in the US Educational System by Jack Robertson

All capstone students throughout the year produced complete professional research papers that demonstrated their ability to integrate sociological theory and methods to study an important contemporary issue and presented their work in a formal presentation at the end of the quarter.