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Department ofSociology


Class of 2015 Reflections

The class of 2015 share their thoughts on how the Sociology Department has helped them prepare for the next stage of their lives.

Every year, the seniors who attend our annual graduation banquet are asked: “Would you please share with us your thoughts on how the Sociology Department has helped you prepare (good or bad) for the next stage of your life..” Here is what some from the 2015 class said.

“Coming into Sociology from Biology, I had no idea what to expect. I could not have asked for a better group of people to come to and graduate as Sociology major, along with producing my first publication!”

 “The quality of research that was expected of us really improved my writing skills. I was challenged in ways I thought wasn’t possible. Thank you. The group work that we did really exposed me to group dynamics in the real world.”

 “Fundamental preparations for my next stage for sure. The amount of work I had to do for capstone has given me so many opportunities to take on tasks in my job. It has also allowed for companies to see what I’ve done in my undergrad that stands out from the rest of the candidates.”

 “Sociology has helped me think more independently as a whole. The stairs and walk up to the third floor of O’Connor have been my work out over the past four years. Now I will have to actually go to the gym….”

 “Dr. Nichols has been my rock throughout the past few years in the sociology department. She is a wonderful teacher and advisor who clearly cares deeply about her students.”

 “The Sociology Department has exposed me to a broad range of social issues. It gave me the opportunity to choose which cluster and types of topics that interest me. Now, I have a better idea of the social issues I want to pursue in my career. From these courses, I am now able to apply my knowledge and both quantitative and qualitative skills to the modern context with both theory and analysis.”

 “I had a great time in Sociology classes, especially Professors Nichols, Lopez- Aguado, and Powers for giving me the opportunity to have a great learning experience. I was very disappointed that many of the professors were on leave and other professors were placed to teach the material. Besides that, I enjoyed the sociology classes offered.”

 “It has helped with a better understanding of both qualitative and quantitative research methods. I got more experience interviewing people, but also understand how survey data can be used to establish connection between variables.”

“Dr. Fernandez is by far, God’s gift to the sociology department. She pushed us harder than was required of any professor, no matter how hard we fought back! And now I know how to write a research paper…so that’s pretty cool.” 

“Sociology has been a great experience for me. I’ve really got a lot of hands-on experience that I wouldn’t have gotten had I chosen another major.” 

“Sociology helped me direct my passions for social justice into actual social change. We got to learn the different types of social changes we could enact.”

 “Sociology has: helped connect academics with creating a more humane and just world, connected me with a cohort of other sociology majors, helped prepare me for my Honor’s Thesis, made me aware of societal issues in the world, and prepared me for grad school."

“Sociology has given me an awareness of the world that has prepared me to take on the challenges of the next chapter of my life with an excitement and knowledge on how to be a positive change.”

“Thank you for helping me discover my identity!!”

“Sociology has helped me learn more about the disparities that I have grown up with. Learning more about the injustice that I and those in my community face every day has further fueled my desire to give back to underserved communities and help decrease some of the injustices. I am grateful for the knowledge that I gained through amazing professors like Laura Nichols, Charles Powers, Regina Davis-Sowers, and Marilyn Fernandez. I am confident that the skills and new perspectives I have gained will guide me to accomplishing all of my goals.”

“Santa Clara University’s Sociology program has taught me countless things about society, others, and most importantly, myself. Prior to coming to SCU, I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted to do in life, but I am proud to say I do now thanks to SCU and all of my wonderful peers and faculty. Go Broncos!!”