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Department ofSociology


Class of 2015

Congrats to the class of 2015!

2015 Senior Banquet

On May 4, 2015, the department hosted our senior graduation banquet on campus at the Adobe Lodge. Many of the majors and faculty were able to attend. The faculty cheered the students on as they were about to begin a new stage in life. The senior banquet is always an important event for us, with the Class of 2015 starting lives of constructive engagement. During the banquet, the Krassowski Award winners were announced and given their gifts. Congrats to all! 

University Award winners:

The Peter-Hans Kolvenback, S.J, Award

Monet Eleri Gonnerman (co-winner of The Peter-Hans Kolvenback, S.J, Award)

The Inclusive Excellence Award for Students and Co-winner The Markkula Prize

Anthony Voss Williams 

The Anna Halprin Dance Award

Laila Waheed 

The Witold Krassowski Sociology Award

This award was established by the department, alumni, and friends in honor of Professor Witold Krassowski, the first sociologist at Santa Clara University and the first chair of the department. It is given to senior sociology majors who have written a sociological research paper that is considered of exemplary quality in a sociology course. Congratulations to the 2015 award winners!! 

Award Winner:
Laila Waheed

Honorable Mentions:
Danae Vanessa Dickson
Kathryn Lucine Luna
Emily Anna Szabeski

Alpha Kappa Delta Honor Society

Prior to the graduation banquet on May 4, the 2015 Alpha Kappa Delta inductees were invited to a reception in their honor. During the reception the new AKD members were inducted and sworn in. The 2015 AKD members are: Margaret Mary Ball. Danae Vanessa Dickson, Elizabeth Elise Furrow, Monet Eleri Gonnerman, Nicole Hines, Kathryn Lucine Luna, Mirelle Nusret Raza, Leslie Elizabeth Sapon. Veronica Zitlaly Soloria, Laila Anne Waheed, Anthony Voss Williams  

Sociology Capstones: Research and Applied

Theme I. Education, Social Mobility, and Health: Children, Adolescents, and Adults

Laila Waheed, Social Mobility Plans of HS Seniors: Gendered Variations in Academic Ability and Effort
Anthony Williams, Effects of Economic Mobility on Subjective Well-Being Kathryn Luna, School age children and Negative Body Image: Protective and Risk Factors
Anna Garvey, Children’s Health: Technology Dependency and Parent Support
Monet Gonnerman, Oregon Health Insurance Program and Overall Financial Strain

Theme II. Family Structures and Relationships Nicole Hines, Traditional Families: Understanding Childrearing and Openness to Diverse Family Structures

Nicole Hines, Traditional Families: Understanding Childrearing and Openness to Diverse Family Structures
Danae Dickson, Self-Concept: Impacts of Childhood Family and Adult Romantic Relationships Elizabeth Allen, Meeting Platforms and Couples’ Relationship Success
Elizabeth Allen, Meeting Platforms and Couples’ Relationship Success
Elizabeth Rail, Family and Peer relationships: Effects on Attitudes to Life and School Theme III. Institutions and Organizations

Theme III. Institutions and Organizations

Derek Eng, College Athlete Academic Success: Gendered NCAA Programs
Janice Fu
, Awareness and Access to Benefits in Organizations: Impacts on Work Life Satisfaction

Theme IV. Crime and Juvenile Delinquency

Jordan Newell, Juvenile Delinquency: Effects of Peer Drug Culture and Sports
Paige Webster, Adult Criminal Justice Exposure: Parent-Offspring Relationships and Family Structures
Mitchell Song, Socioeconomic Standing: Impacts of Criminal Behavior and Exposure to CJ system
Taylor Perricone, Wealth: Impacts of Criminal Justice Exposure and Minority Status Clusters
Leslie Sapon, Health Consequences of Drug Use and Criminal History
Emily Szabelski, Violent Crime victimization and Socioeconomic Resources: Impacts on Mental and Physical Health

Sociology 122: Applied Sociology Capstone Projects

The First Project was for the Santa Clara Parent Nursery School. This project involved survey data collection, some data entry, analysis (mainly quantitative and some qualitative), and the completion of a final presentation/ report to help the pre-school better understand its parents and their communication needs. This project is the continuation of work done the previous academic year and was initiated by alum Lisa Martinez who was president of the board.

The Second Project included focus groups with students about implementing an Academic Integrity Pledge in classes. Students conducted four focus group, transcribed them all (a huge task!), and did some preliminary analysis. The results are being used to inform the implementation of the academic integrity pledge across the SCU campus.

Congratulations to the Class of 2015!

Sonia Elizabeth Sifuentes Aguilar(Spanish Studies), Elizabeth Frances Allen, Samantha Elizabeth Arnold, Wintana Menghisteab Bairu, Margaret Mary Ball*(Communication), Esmeralda Bautista, Erika Jeanette Cabrera-Magana, Danae Vanessa Dickson*b(Spanish Studies), Derek Bradley Eng, Janice Alexandra Fu, Elizabeth Elise Furrow*Anna Helen Garvey, Monet Eleri Gonnerman** (University Honors Program), Catherine Rose Grimes, Kaeli Elise Hancock, Nicole Hines*, Kathryn Lucine Luna, Patty Medinab (French and Franco-phone Studies), Jordan Janet Newell, Taylor Philip Perricone, Elizabeth Joan Rail, Mirelle Nusret Raza**a ,Leslie Elizabeth Sapon*,Veronica Zitaly Solorio*a, Evan Kodama Sukita, Emily Anna Szabeski,
Laila Anne Waheed **(Theater Arts), Paige Marie Webster, Anthony Voss Williams * (University Honors Program), Shaleta Knishay Williams

  • Cum Laude; **Magna Cum Laude; Also completed Second and Third major indicated;
  • aAlso completed requirements for a second bachelor’s degree;
  • bAlso completed requirements for a companion major.