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Daniel Iritani headshot

Daniel Iritani headshot

Daniel Iritani

My name is Daniel Iritani and I graduated in 2014. My sociology degree has been a great influence on my career. As SCU's Director of External Relations, I manage an expanding portfolio of high-end annual supporters and donors for the College of Arts and Sciences among alumni and parents, existing and former College Leadership Board members, department and program advisory boards and councils, Silicon Valley leaders, foundations, corporations, and philanthropists. I also work with the Dean to develop and create initiatives that move the College forward. I recently helped develop and implement a comprehensive fundraising plan to provide a paid internship opportunity to every student in the college. Sociology has been an invaluable asset for understanding interpersonal and group dynamics and the importance of giving back to the communities that helped shape you as well as addressing broad inequities.

My degree also provided me with a different perspective on society and how it responds to events and changes. These insights were particularly helpful in my previous job as the Finance Director for Rep. Ami Bera, CA-07 for 6 years. The political landscape shifts rapidly, and having the ability to anticipate and respond to local, national, and global changes was something I learned from my time in the Sociology Department. This was especially apparent during tough voting decisions. I would have to evaluate how certain constituencies, activist groups, and specific donors would react, and then develop our message accordingly. My sociology degree was integral in that decision-making process.