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Dean Daniel Press and Greg Walswick recipient of the  2023 Nancy Keil Award

Dean Daniel Press and Greg Walswick recipient of the 2023 Nancy Keil Award

Gregory Walswick Recognized by the College of Arts and Sciences

Gregory Walswick awarded the Nancy Keil Service Excellence Award

Nancy Keil Service Excellence Award
In recognition of staff having established a well-deserved reputation for sustained excellence and initiative in providing technical or administrative support service, and for consistently approaching one’s responsibilities with a professionalism that demonstrates dedication to the welfare of students and others and that leads by example.

In the relatively brief time that Gregory Walswick has been a part of our community at Santa Clara University, he has succeeded in leaving an indelible mark on the third floor of O'Connor Hall. Greg goes above and beyond, offering unparalleled support and leadership to not just one, but two active and bustling departments. His tireless efforts are reflected not only in the physical spaces he enhances but also in the invaluable guidance he provides to both students and faculty members. As we embarked on the transition to new systems, Greg's commitment was evident through his provision of instructional videos and individualized assistance, helping us navigate this change with confidence and ease.

What sets Greg apart is not only his exceptional skill set but his genuine care for the welfare of students and colleagues alike. He handles student concerns with the utmost professionalism and compassion, ensuring that every interaction leaves a positive impact. His dedication extends beyond his immediate purview, as he strives to comprehend the broader scope of the College and the University as a whole – a quality that underscores his commitment to holistic growth and progress.

Colleagues who have had the privilege of working alongside Greg enthusiastically testify to his exceptional contributions. His organizational prowess, friendliness, and unwavering dedication stand as a testament to the impact he has had in creating a welcoming environment for all. From transforming physical spaces into student-friendly havens to finding innovative ways to engage with students, Greg's approach is a testament to his passion for his work and his deep- rooted commitment to the well-being of our community.

Finally, it is not just the visible transformations that Greg brings forth, but the intangible spirit of collaboration, positivity, and student-centered thinking that truly defines his character. His willingness to go the extra mile speaks volumes about his dedication to creating meaningful connections and fostering an inclusive atmosphere.

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