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Emma Weinberg

Emma Weinberg

Landing a job before graduation

Senior sociology major Emma Weinberg landed a job at The Tech Interactive with the help of three Sociology professors

Emma Weinberg will be at The Tech Interactive thanks to the help of three Sociology professors

"Hi! My name is Emma Weinberg! I’m a sociology major and urban education minor graduating at the end of this quarter in December. Additionally, I’m a Lab instructor at The Tech Interactive in downtown San Jose. As one of the country’s leading science and technology museums, it offers interactive experiences, events, lectures and more. My job is to facilitate 90-minute, hands-on design challenges for visiting field trip classes. However, I never would have had this job without the support of sociology professors. From the beginning, Dr. Chiaraluce has always helped me brainstorm how I can combine my love for sociology and education in a fruitful way, and supported me throughout college. Earlier this year, I talked with Dr. Pumar about feeling stressed since I was graduating so soon without a solid job lined up. For an hour, he listened to my concerns and we brainstormed solutions. Based on his suggestions, I looked at and applied to The Tech Interactive with him as a reference--I never would have thought about a museum until he suggested it. Then, Dr. Nichols worked with me by reviewing my cover letter for the application, taking the time to ensure I was presenting myself as a strong candidate for the position. The fact that I have this job is a true example of the teamwork of the sociology department. My degree in sociology has given me the ability to apply for a wide breadth of jobs while still maintaining my emphasis on education. Sociology creates the perfect foundation for how to view the world, solve complex problems, and approach every situation with as much empathy as possible, regardless of your final school or career destination."