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Department ofSociology


2017 Silicon Valley Notebook

2017 Silicon Valley Notebook

Silicon Valley Notebook

Volume 15, 2017 Studies of Contemporary Social Issues: 
Organization Effectiveness and Youth Success

Political Elites or Avreage Citizens? Perspectives on the Political Legitimacy of the European Union
By Jessica Frydenberg

Identity and Social Integration: Understanding Perceptions of LGBT Organizational Effectiveness
By Nicole G. Speciale

Structural Dynamics and Personal Agency in Housing Careers
By Ana Raquel Gómez-Pérez

Youth Academic Success: It starts in the Home
By Veronica Fay Ybarra

The Past Is Not Prologue: Educational Achievements of Young Adults
By Oscar Quiroz-Medrano

Interpersonal Violence Victimization of Adolescents: Drug and Alcohol Culture vs. Family and Community Protection
By Karen Robles