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Department ofSociology


Sociology Club Relaunch 2021-2022

The Department is pleased to announce the re-launch of the Sociology Club for our undergraduate students. We are grateful to two of our majors, Kelly Lelapinyokul and Christina Nelson, for taking the lead in organizing the group. We hope this group will not only provide opportunities throughout the year to gather as a community, but also expand sociological interests through the invitation and engagement of guest speakers and through professional development activities and conversations. We look forward to working closely with our Sociology Club representatives and members and supporting their professional development and interests. Stay tuned for upcoming meetings and event information at the start of the Winter quarter.

kelly lelapinyokul

Meet Kelly Lelapinyokul, Sociology Club Student Representative

My name is Kelly Lelapinyokul, I am currently a sophomore here at Santa Clara, and a few of my sociological interests include the injustices of socio-economic status and educational systems, along with family and youth structure. Something I look forward to in this club is creating a closer community and space for not only those studying sociology but also those who are simply passionate in bettering the society in which we live in.

christina nelson

Meet Christina Nelson, Sociology Club Student Representative

My name is Christina Nelson and I am a sophomore, double majoring in Sociology and Spanish. My interests include the sociological study of labor, education, and family. I hope to form close connections with people who are also passionate about creating social change through their time studying Sociology at Santa Clara.