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Silicon Valley Notebook fall 2019 call

Silicon Valley Notebook fall 2019 call

The Silicon Valley Notebook

The Silicon Valley Notebook now accepts submissions from all majors.

Professor Marilyn Fernandez launched the Silicon Valley Notebook as a vehicle of professional socialization, to provide many students with a meaningful opportunity to benefit from steady guidance while honing their research and writing skills. Previous work published in the Silicon Valley Notebook addresses topics that include but are not limited to class, race, institutions, and the environment. These papers highlight students’ ability to engage in meaningful professional work informing sociological understanding of important topics. 

As the department of sociology is about to launch the forthcoming issue of Silicon Valley Notebook, the editorial office will continue the tradition, providing students with the time, space, and resources to develop a high-quality sociological paper. This year, the Notebook will move from production within a class to an extracurricular option for our majors. Submission formats will expand to include research notes, theoretical reflections, visual depictions of sociological concepts, as well as full-length journal articles. Department faculty will serve as mentors and reviewers for all students interested in developing a paper for publication. To current majors, we look forward to your submissions!