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Sociology Club officers 23-24

Sociology Club officers 23-24

Update from Sociology Club

It's time for an exciting update on our recent endeavors and happenings within the Sociology Club!

It's time for an exciting update on our recent endeavors and happenings within the Sociology Club!

Barbie Movie Event: Our recent Barbie movie event was a hit! We explored societal norms and gender roles through this engaging screening, sparking intriguing discussions and reflections on cultural influences.

New Gen Meetings: Our new general meetings have been an incredible platform for thought-provoking discussions. Exploring fresh perspectives and emerging societal dynamics has been at the heart of these casual gatherings. We will continue these meetings during winter quarter and would love to see as many majors and minors there as possible.

Headshots Event: Our professional headshots event was a success! We were able to interact with various majors, minors, and students from other departments who embraced the opportunity to enhance their professional image. Kudos to everyone who participated! We had such a blast with you all!

In addition to these great events we are delighted to announce the two newest members of our executive board, Carla Schmitt as our new marketing chair and Janelle Abbott as our new finance chair! Their passion for sociology and commitment to our club's goals have made them valuable assets.

As we continue to expand and evolve, our members' involvement and enthusiasm has fueled the success of our club. Keep an eye out for upcoming events and discussions that will deepen our understanding of sociological concepts and their real-world applications.

For more updates, follow us on instagram @scu.sociologyclub and stay connected with our board by emailing and

Thank you all for being an integral part of our Sociology Club community!


Our ‘23-’24 executive board: (Top) Kelly Lelapinyokul and Christina Nelson, (Bottom) Isa Fernandez, Janelle Abbott, and Carla Schmitt