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Connect with Collections

The de Saisset Museum houses an extensive collection of artworks and artifacts representing a wide variety of artists, styles, and time periods. The collection provides ample opportunity for scholarship and research for students, faculty, and independent researchers. Over the years our collection has been used in any number of ways; however, the museum staff always welcomes new ideas. 

Collections Manager shows students Japanese prints from the collection.

De Saisset Museum Collections Manager, Stephanie Battle, shares Japanese prints from the permanent collection with students in an SCU Art History class. 

Enhancing Learning through Collections

Plan a Workshop

Allow your class to see works up close that are not otherwise planned for exhibit. Work with the museum's Collections Manager to schedule an object-based workshop, where you can have specific pieces pulled that directly support your teaching.

Use the Public Display Cabinets

Select works from the permanent collection to place in our secure public display cabinets, which allow for long-term, unsupervised viewing. The public display cabinets are accessible to students anytime the museum is open so they can safely access work to write papers, perform research, or complete assignments.

Create an Acquisitions Project

Collaborate with the de Saisset Museum staff and get your students involved with building the museum's permanent collection. Through our acquisitions projects, students have an opportunity to research and select works for purchase that relate to their coursework and support the museum's collecting goals.

Examples of Past Connections

Over the years the de Saisset Museum has partnered with faculty and students from various departments to create classroom connections that support teaching and learning at Santa Clara. Find out more about past collaborations