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Department of Bioengineering

Advisory Board Profiles

Shengjiang Shawn Liu

Dr. Liu joined Bayer Pharmaceuticals in 2005 and he is chief scientist and head of Pathogen Safety in Biological Development and commercialization. He is responsible to ensure Bayer biological products meeting international standards via technology innovation and development.

Dr. Liu is also actively involved in early stage startup investment in biotech and high technologies. He is an advisor, board director & Chairman in several Bay Area companies.

He co-founded Abmaxis Inc. in 2000 and was the president/acting CEO of the company. The company was dedicated to develop In Silico antibody design, library construction, humanization and optimization (computational antibody technology). Abmaxis was acquired by Merck Co early 2006.

Liu was a scientist and group leader of Bioprocess Virology Laboratory in Genentech Inc. (1996-2000). He was the pioneer in virus retention membrane development, virus inactivation via HTST and other means. He has conducted systematical studies on mice minute virus CHO cell relationship.

He discovered rabbit hemorrhagic disease (RHD) in 1984 and the virus (RHDV), a new viral species in caliciviridiae.

Dr. Liu received Veterinary Medicine (DVM), M.S. in Animal Virology from China, and his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Kansas State University. He had his post-doctoral training with Dr. Arthur Kornberg, Stanford University 2003-2006.