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Department ofBioengineering

Biological Micro/Nanosystems Laboratory

Welcome to the Biological Micro/Nanosystems Laboratory at SCU!

Our lab at SCU works to develop micro/nanoscale systems to address challenging needs in biomedical engineering. In the long term, we seek to understand the physical phenomena in micro/nanoscale and exploit the benefits of microfluidic/MEMS devices integrating these phenomena that can lead to biological and chemical discoveries.

In particular, our current research focuses on developing affordable, rapid, and sensitive point-of-care diagnostic platforms for resource-limited settings. To this end, we have developed paper/polymer-based microfluidic devices for applications in environmental monitoring and biosensors. Major technologies include microfabrication, nucleic acid detection, electrochemistry, and electrophoresis.

Student researchers at SCU

Student researchers in the Department of Bioengineering at SCU are all undergraduate and master’s students. We routinely present the results of our research at national and international conferences and by publication in the scientific literature.

If you are a student interested in getting involved in research in our lab, please contact Dr. Kim directly for more information.


Phone: 408-554-2760
Fax: 408-554-5474

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