Department ofMechanical Engineering

Advisory Board Profiles

Joe Maly

Joe is a senior member of the Moog CSA technical staff and is Moog product area lead for payload launch adapter products. He joined CSA in 1987 and since 1993 has led flight hardware and vibration suppression programs. Experienced in both analytical and experimental methods of structural dynamics, Joe has developed vibration suppression hardware for space structures, aircraft, medical equipment, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. He was Principal Investigator for the development of ESPA, the EELV Secondary Payload Adapter, and he led the flight hardware program for the Hubble Space Telescope Solar Array Damper. Recently Joe lead the Orbcomm Generation 2 (OG2) Satellite Dispenser team supporting the launch of multiple satellites with ESPA on Falcon 9 to populate the OG2 constellation. Currently he is working with the Moog Orbital Maneuvering Vehicle (OMV) team to develop propulsive ESPA vehicles for orbital deployments and satellite staging. Joe has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati and an MS in Applied Mechanics from Stanford University.