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Mobile Maker Lab

Request Forms and Surveys

Form Overview

On this page, you will find links to our forms for requesting school visits, teacher trainings, or trailer exhibits. If we are working with your school for fulfillment projects, you will find the Fulfillment Form here for submitting your part files. You can also find the evaluation survey for you to complete after working with us.

School Visit Request Form

If you would like the Mobile Maker Lab to visit your school and hold a workshop with your students, please complete the School Visit Request Form. You can find the list of current activity options on our Curriculum page. Once we have your request, we will be in contact to work out the details and feasibility of a visit.

Exhibit Request Form 

Are you hosting an event and think the Mobile Maker Lab would be a great addition to have available for tours? If so, please complete the Exhibit Request Form. We can either be available with demonstrations on the equipment for participants to tour and watch or be a mini-workshop for last-minute modifications at a competition.

Teacher Training Request Form 

Do you have equipment in your classroom that you don't know how to use? Are you wanting to get equipment, but feeling overwhelmed with everything you'll need to know to run it? The Mobile Maker Lab staff are starting teacher training workshops to help introduce you to the equipment and technology. These workshops are typically 1/2 day training sessions. Our current training options are 3D printers, laser cutters, and vinyl plotters/paper craft. Fill out the Teacher Training Request Form to let us know you are interested in participating in a training session.

Fulfillment Form

For schools that we are working with for fulfillment services, we will send you the Fulfillment Form to submit your students' project files. You can also find software tips for creating the files in our Tips for Teachers section.

Evaluation Survey

Once you have interacted with the Mobile Maker Lab, please complete the Evaluation Survey to let us know how we did. We want your input to help improve the Mobile Maker Lab. Let us know what we did well and where we could use improvement.