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Mobile Maker Lab


3D Printers

The new talk of the town, what everyone wants to know about. In our Mobile Maker Lab we have hobby class 3D printers made by MakerBot. These lovely machines give an entry level degree of experience and hands-on feeling of what is going on in the industry. The 3D deposition printing technology is an easy way to ease into what these incredible machines are and what they can do.

Laser Cutter

Computer controlled laser cutters, plasma cutters, and water jets have quickly all become standard practice in making quick and accurate cuts through various materials. In our lab we have an Epilog CO2 laser that is capable of engraving and cutting through thin plastics and woods, perfect for showing what is possible using these incredible machines.

Table Router

Wood carving has never been easier since computer-numerically-controlled (CNC) table routers. The CarveWright table router allows for user friendly computer design of projects. It can perform precise cutting, drilling, machining, and shaping of wood. Perfect for a decorative sign around the house.

Vinyl Plotter

The sign making industry uses vinyl plotters. Although our machine was originally designed for the scrapbooking community, we have taken advantage of the capabilities of the Silhouette Cameo plotter for creating custom paper craft and vinyl stickers. The vinyl plotter is ideal for adding to the aesthetics of many projects and cab ne used for making stickers, t-shirts, stencils, and more.