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Class of 2021


The School of Engineering community shares their best wishes with the Engineering graduates, class of 2021!

Congratulations to all our Graduate Programs Ph.D. graduates!

As you reach this milestone in your education—the pinnacle of your academic career—we are honored that you pursued your dream with us in the School of Engineering at Santa Clara University. Your achievement speaks volumes about your resilience, drive, and determination, and we could not be more proud of your accomplishment. The only thing more exciting will be to see how you advance your profession in the years ahead. We wish you all the best!


Electrical and Computer Engineering
Rami Akeela

Thesis: Configurable HW/SW Co-design Partitioning Methodology

Prior Degree: M.S. Computer Engineering, Lehigh University

Advisor: Dr. Shoba Krishnan

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Kamak Ebadi

Thesis: A Drift-Resilient and Degeneracy-Aware Loop Closure Detection Method for Localization and Mapping In Perceptually-Degraded Environments

Prior Degree: M.S. Computer Engineering, Florida International University

Advisor: Dr. Sally Wood

Electrical Engineering
Sanad Kawar

Thesis: An Input Power-Aware Maximum Efficiency Tracking Technique for Energy Harvesting in IoT Applications

Prior Degree: M.S. Electrical Engineering, Princess Sumaya University for Technology (Amman, Jordan)

Advisor: Dr. Shoba Krishnan

Electrical Engineering
Ali Khoshniat

Thesis: Metamaterial Absorbers for Mitigating Unintended Radiated Emissions

Prior Degree: M.S. Electrical Engineering, Utah State University

Advisor: Dr. Ramesh Abhari

Computer Engineering
Chelsey (Chia Chi) Li

Thesis: Taming the Challenges of Accurate and Ultra-High-Rate Data Collection in Wireless Sensing Systems

Prior Degree: M.S. Computer Engineering, Syracuse University

Advisor: Dr. Behnam Dezfouli

Mechanical Engineering
Chenli Wang

Thesis: Cost effective and non-intrusive occupancy detection in residential building through machine learning algorithm

Prior Degree: M.S. Electrical Engineering, Santa Clara University

Advisor: Dr. Hohyun Lee