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2019 Research Showcase

Congratulations to the following award winners:

Undergraduate Category:

  • 1st Place: Targeted Delivery to Neurons Using Engineered Exosomes. David Diebold (bioengineering) and Kyle Asano (mechanical engineering). Advisor Dr. Bill Lu
  • 2nd Place: Integration of Microfluidic Sensor with Endoscopes for Continuous Pressure Sensing. Tehmi den Braven (bioengineering). Advisor: Dr. Emre Araci
  • 3rd Place: Flomosys: A Low-Cost, Reliable, and Low-Power Flood Monitoring System. Tai Groot (computer engineering). Advisor: Dr. Behnam Dezfouli

MS Category:

  • 1st Place (Tie): Image Compression with Deeper Learned Transformer. Licheng Xiao  and Hairong Wang (both computer engineering). Advisor: Dr. Nam Ling  
  • 1st Place (Tie): Scale Optimization of Milkguard Biosensor for Detecting E. coli in Breast Milk. Jerard Madamba (bioengineering). Advisors: Dr. Maryam Mobed-Miremadi and Dr. Unyoung (Ashley) Kim
  • 3rd Place: Mobile Robotics Swarm Behavior Development Platform. Nathan Metzger, Max Reese, and Shae Hart (all mechanical engineering). Advisor: Dr. Christopher Kitts

PhD Category:

  • 1st Place: Rover Localization in Mars Helicopter Aerial Maps. Kamak Ebadi (electrical engineering). Advisor: Dr. Sally Wood
  • 2nd Place: Molecular Dynamics Study of the Contact Behavior of FCC Metallic Substrates. Milad Khajehvand (mechanical engineering). Advisor: Dr. Panthea Sepehrband
  • 3rd Place: A Discontinuous Charging Technique with Programmable Duty-Cycle for Switched Capacitor-Based Energy Harvesting Circuits in IoT Applications. Sanad Kawar (electrical engineering). Advisors: Dr. Shoba Krishnan and Dr. Khaldoon Abugharbieh

Check out the 2019 Research Showcase Posters here.

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