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FAQ for Continuing Students

Do I have to apply for financial aid each year?

Yes. You have to re-apply for financial aid every year; we suggest that you review our application process.

Will my financial aid amount remain the same next year?

You will need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) every year, if there is no dramatic change to your financial need, Santa Clara University will make every attempt to offer the same amount of financial aid – this is assuming that you meet deadlines, renewal criteria, your family circumstances remain the same and funding is available.

NOTE: Santa Clara University does not hold University funds in reserve for appeals. All available funds are offered at the time of your initial award.

What if I have never applied for financial aid before?

While students who have never received aid can apply by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), Santa Clara University funds are not reserved for this purpose.  Returning students who have not previously applied for financial aid should plan to be considered for federal and state funds only, and not any Santa Clara University scholarships or grants.

Can I get financial aid for summer classes?

You will need to register for the summer session before we will begin to process your financial aid. You will be eligible for summer financial aid if you have not already reached your annual limits for the Federal Pell Grant and/or the Federal Direct Loan. If this is the case, your parent may borrow from the Federal PLUS Loan program, or you may consider borrowing a private educational loan.

NOTE: Santa Clara University Scholarships and Grants are not available for the summer quarter.

I received a Cal Grant this year; do I need to complete a Cal Grant GPA Verification form to receive a Cal Grant next year?

No. You will not need to complete a Cal Grant GPA Verification form if you are currently receiving a Cal Grant. As a courtesy, Santa Clara University submits your GPA to California Student Aid Commission (CSAC), so that you can have continued eligibility. Your Cal Grant will be renewed as long as you continue to demonstrate financial need, make satisfactory academic progress and you have remaining eligibility.

NOTE: If you did not receive a Cal Grant this year or lost your Cal Grant due to change, you will need to submit your Cal Grant GPA Verification form to California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) by March 2. Santa Clara University does not automatically submit your GPA.

Does living off-campus rather than on-campus housing affect my financial aid?

If you live off campus, your financial aid is calculated the same way as if you lived on-campus. The difference is that the Bursar’s Office will not charge you for housing expenses.

If your financial aid exceeds the amount billed by Santa Clara University, you will receive a refund from the Bursar’s Office to assist you with off-campus living expenses. If your University charges exceed your financial aid, you will be responsible for these charges as well as any off-campus expenses.

Will participating in a study abroad program affect my financial aid?

Students studying in a Santa Clara University affiliated program will be able to receive federal, state and University aid with the exception of Federal Work-Study. Students studying in a non-affiliated program will not be eligible for financial aid programs.

How will my financial aid be affected if I withdraw? Or drop below full time?

Withdrawing may result in a reassessment of your financial aid under the process called Return to Title IV Funds. The exact consequences to you depend on a number of factors, including the type of aid you have and the official date on which you withdrew.

Dropping below full-time enrollment may result in a recalculation of your financial aid. Your financial aid award is based on the assumption that you will be enrolled full-time. If you are enrolled less than full-time by the end of add/drop, an adjustment may be made to your financial aid award which may result in you owing additional money to Santa Clara University.

Do academics play a part in determining my financial aid?

Students receiving financial aid of any type including the Federal Direct PLUS Loan are expected to remain in good academic standing and are required to make satisfactory academic progress toward their degree.

My question is not addressed here. How can I get an answer?

Contact us:

Telephone 1-408-551-1000
Visit us at the Enrollment Service Center (One Stop).