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Open Enrollment

Opens November 7th @ 8 a.m.

Enroll via Workday

Closes November 28th @ 5 p.m.

Steps for Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment is the perfect time to review your personal information, update your address, beneficiary, and review your current 2022 benefit plan election. Take inventory of what you currently have.

What to know:

Medical FSADependent Care FSA

.Medical Care FSA can reimburse for eligible healthcare expenses not covered by your medical, dental, and vision insurance.

  • Minimum- $300
  • Maximum- $3,050
  • Carryover- $610

Medical Care FSA

Dependent Care FSA can be used to pay for a child's (up to the age of 13) childcare expenses and/or care for a disabled family member in the household who is unable to care for themselves.

  • Maximum per plan year per family- $5,000
  • Maximum if married, filing separately- $2,500

Dependent Care FSA

Health Savings Account (HSA)Retirement 

Those enrolled in the Blue Shield of California High Deductible PPO Health Plan will have access to the HSA account. This allows individuals to use pre-tax dollars to help pay for qualified healthcare expenses like deductibles, copayments, and other out-of-pocket expenses)

  • Employee Only Maximum- $3,850
  • Family Maximum- $7,750
  • Catch-Up Contribution (age 55 and older)- $1,000

Health Savings Account


Santa Clara University's retirement benefits help employees build long-term savings and a source of income during retirement. In addition to SCU's defined contributions, eligible employees are able to make voluntary contributions on a pre-tax and post-tax basis.

  • 403(b) Maximum- $22,500
  • Catch-Up Contribution- $7,500


What to consider:



Blue Shield of CA

(Trio HMO, Access+ HMO)

Blue Shield of CA

(PPO with HSA (HDHP))

There are no plan changes.

Kaiser Plan Highlights

There are no plan changes.

Blue Shield Trio/Access+ HMO Plan Highlights

There are no plan changes.

Blue Shield PPO with HSA Plan Highlights

Delta Dental


Anthem Blue View Vision


There are no plan changes.

Delta Dental PPO Plan Highlights

There are no plan changes.

Anthem Blue View Vision PPO Plan Highlights

  • Open Enrollment is the one time a year all benefits eligible employees can make changes to their benefits elections. All elections need to be submitted by November 28, 2022.
  • Open Enrollment User Guide
  • You may save your progress at any point and come back to submit your elections at a later time by selecting the “Save for Later” button. The item will remain in your Inbox.
  • Need to make a change after you submitted? Click on the Benefits app in Workday=Select the “Change Open Enrollment” button under the “Current Cost” menu.
  • Please also visit the Frequently Asked Questions link below.
  • If you still have further questiions, please contact