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Residential Delivery

Residential Delivery

The University Library offers residential/home delivery, within the continental US and Hawaii, of physical library materials to current SCU faculty, visiting scholars, staff, and students who reside outside of Santa Clara County or who are otherwise unable to pick materials up at the Learning Commons. Residential delivery is limited to circulating library materials, including Link+ and ILL materials, that are unavailable electronically; up to 5 items may be requested for residential delivery per quarter. 

Items will be mailed via USPS; please allow 5 to 7 business days for items to arrive. Return postage via USPS will be included along with instructions for repackaging and returning library items.

Patrons are responsible for library items from the time that an item is delivered by USPS until the patron returns the item to a USPS office for return shipping to the Library. Patrons using the residential book delivery service are responsible for properly packaging and labeling items and delivering them to a USPS office for return to the Library by the item due date. Items will be deemed returned on time if postmarked by the item’s due date. 

If you have questions, please contact the Library Help Desk (, 408-554-5020) for more information.