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Technology at SCU


This year, we are replacing the Dell Precision 3430, Dell Precision 3630, Dell Latitude 5400, Dell Precision 5530, Apple iMacs, Apple MacBook Air, and Apple MacBook Pro with blue asset tags beginning with "19".

Machines that do not have the PC Replacement Property tag are not eligible for replacement.

The primary objective of the PC Replacement Project is to remove older computer equipment from campus and replace it with newer equipment. Old equipment is retired from campus and removed from our support contracts. For these reasons, you will not be able to keep or purchase your older computer equipment.

No. The prices of the systems are negotiated as a package deal which includes a complete system. The new systems are on a 4 year warranty (CPU and monitor) so if a component were to die, there is no out of pocket expense to the department.

The installation schedule for faculty/staff machines will begin in the Fall Quarter 2022 through the end of January 2023.

Providing the old machine's hard drive is a SATA drive and you or your department purchases a data cable for the old drive, yes, you can transfer your old drive. The new machines come with SATA drives. If you wish to transfer your old secondary hard drive to your new computer, you MUST schedule Field Support to remove the secondary drive PRIOR to your PC Replacement date and again AFTER your PC Replacement date for the secondary hard drive to be installed.

Providing your new computer supports the additional memory, you can purchase additional memory and install it in your computer after your new computer has been installed.

Sorry, the machines we are purchasing are new products and we will not have them on campus until late summer.

A "trickle down" computer replacement occurs if you wish for someone else to receive the new computer (instead of the person who has the eligible computer).

For example:

  • Professor Smith has a 2018 PCR computer eligible for replacement,
  • Professor Jones has a 2020 PCR computer which will be replaced in two years but has a need for a faster computer,
  • the 2022 PCR computer is the new, faster computer.

The "trickle down" replacement is performed by:

  1. Replace Professor Jones' 2020 PCR computer with the 2022 PC Replacement computer, including any data transfer.
  2. Professor Jones' 2020 PC Replacement computer is re-imaged.
  3. Professor Smith's 2018 PC Replacement computer is replaced with the re-imaged 2020 PC Replacment computer, including any data transfer.
  4. The replaced 2018 PC Replacement computer will be taken away.

Although Professor Smith ends up with a slower, older computer than Professor Jones, Professor Smith would be eligible for a new computer (again) in two years when 2020 PCR computers are replaced.

Note: You can only schedule one "trickle down" per eligible computer replacement.

Please enter it in under the student supervisor's or administrative assistant's name and in the comments section, clearly state the location of the student desk (e.g., "student front desk workstation" ).

Please enter it in as the lab manager or individual making the requests. In the comments section please number each machine (e.g., Lab PC #1, Lab PC #2).

Each customer will need to verify that their personal files are either located in the "My Documents" or a "Data" folder. Our technicians will transfer up to 25 GB of work-related data from "My Documents", "Data" folders as well as files on your desktop and your IE/Firefox/Chrome Bookmarks from your old computer to your new computer.  Personal photos, videos or music need to be backed up or copied to your own personal external media by you.

For security reasons, it is our University policy to no longer allow "saved passwords" in web browsers on our campus image.  Our ISO office recommends a few different password managers to help manage your passwords and access to your passwords when using a web browser with a plugin.