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Technology at SCU

PCR Policies

Each end user agrees to abide by the End User Agreement and PCR Policies when they request a new device through PCR.

By working together, Academic Technology, our vendor, and our end users can make the transition to the new computer as smooth and successful as possible.



Each end user accepts the following agreement when they request a new device through PCR.

By working together, Academic Technology, our vendor, and our end users can make the transition to the new computer as smooth and successful as possible.


  1. I understand that my new computer will be installed between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm and that I will be given a 4 hour installation window.
  2. I understand that I (or a designate (for example, an administrative assistant) who knows my passwords) will need to be physically available during my 4 hour installation window.
  3. If necessary, I will reschedule my installation date at least 5 business days prior to my scheduled date. I agree to pay a cancellation fee of $100 per machine for any cancellation/change made less than 5 business days prior to my scheduled deployment.
  4. I will notify AT if the machine that is scheduled to be replaced is moved from the location designated in the original online PC Replacement request.
  5. If your scheduled time needs to be changed, either by your request or by cancellation, your time will be rescheduled at end of deployment. Rescheduling due to a cancellation will occur after the Cancellation fee is paid. Please read the cancellation policy and Rain Out Notice below.

Data Backup

  1. IT will back up and move the files in "My Documents", files on my desktop, and my web browser favorites/bookmarks. As a precaution, IT recommends that I make my own back up prior to my installation date. Please refer to this article for instructions on how to backup your data.
  2. I understand that IT will back up 25 GBs of business-related data. If I have more than 25 GBs of business-related data, I (as the data maintainer) am responsible for ensuring that I have complete and up-to-date backups of my business-related data. (Should you need assistance with backing up your business-related data, contact the Technology Help Desk (x5700) at least 4 weeks prior to your installation date.)
  3. I realize that my personal data (not business-related), including but not limited to my iTunes Library, music, videos, pictures, or any other data of a personal nature, will not be backed up by IT. As the owner of the personal data, it is my responsibility to backup and save my personal data.
  4. I understand that I must verify that all my data has been transferred onto the new machine within 4 business days. I understand that after 4 business days, the data on my old machine will be destroyed and unrecoverable. (Examples of what you should check for are: documents, web browser favorites/bookmarks, and any key departmental data, etc.)
  5. Important note: If my machine is being trickled down to another individual, my machine will be wiped immediately and cleared of all my data and I will be unable to recover any data. I will verify that I have all my data backed up.


  1. I understand that any "specialty" software will need to be reinstalled by me or my department. I can contact the Technology Help Desk (x5700) to request assistance after receiving my new computer. Software already included with the new computer can be found here.
  2. I understand that I need to remove any additional hardware from the old computer that was added by me or my department before the installers arrive with the new computer. For example, secondary hard drive, specialized video cards, and ergonomic keyboards should be removed from the old computer. Once your new machine has been installed, you may reinstall your hardware components yourself or you may contact the Technology Help Desk (x5700) and request assistance.
  3. If my department has a specialized need, we will contact IT at least 4 weeks prior to the installation date to discuss and identify departmental needs.
  4. I will contact Rabbit Office Automation (408-541-8493) to have the Rabbit (Savin) printer installed after I receive my new machine.
  5. I understand if I have a static IP address (a "permanent" address that remains associated with a single computer over an extended period of time, (for use with PeopleSoft, etc.)), I will need to complete the 'Net Request' form available at here. On the form, I will provide the old and new physical MAC address and the static IP address I previously used. I also understand that until this form is completed and submitted, my static IP address will not be operational. The form can be found .
  6. I have reviewed the current hardware specifications.
  7. I have reviewed the current software specifications.

Information Technology will:

  1. Order and schedule installation of your new computer.
  2. Receive, unbox, inventory and asset tag your new computer and discard waste materials and recycle and break down packing boxes.
  3. Configure your computer with the standard software to include: OS, anti-virus software (Symantec Endpoint Protection), IE/Safari, and Microsoft Office Suite.
  4. Test your new computer hardware prior to delivery.
  5. Deliver the computer to your office and set up your new computer.
  6. Back up the files located in "My Documents", files on your desktop, and your web browser favorites/bookmarks and transfer your data from your current machine to your new machine.
  7. Check your printer settings on your old machine and reinstall and configure your local/network (Savin printers excluded) printer.
  8. Remove your old computer and transport it to storage to hold for 4 business days.
  9. Wipe everything from your old computer after 4 business days.
  10. Provide hardware, standard software and network support for your new computer.

In order for a machine to be replaced, the old machine must be fully functional and currently in-use. All components originally delivered with the system (e.g., display, hard drive, optical drive, etc.) must be with the CPU. If the old machine is not currently in-use, or is missing any component which was originally delivered with the system, the machine will not be replaced. Only approved scheduled trickledowns will be performed. An approved scheduled trickledown was requested and approved during the PC Replacement request period and is shown on the PC Replacement Schedule.

All PC Replacement laptops (both Dell and Apple) will have encryption turned on to encrypt data on the laptop.

In the case of heavy rain, a day's installations may need to be reschedule to protect the equipment, as the computers are moved in the open from the closest street/parking lot to the scheduled building.  If there is significant risk that the computers/displays may get wet, deliveries will be rescheduled. If we need to reschedule, the affected individuals will be notified and the day will be re-scheduled to the end of the current schedule.

Academic works with, and schedules the PCR deployment with an outside vendor.  If an end user must reschedule their delivery window, cancellation must be done 5 business days prior to the scheduled deployment. A cancellation fee of $100 per machine will be charged for any cancellations made less than 5 business days prior to your scheduled deployment. If you, your representative or machine is not ready for your scheduled deployment, your deployment will be cancelled and the $100 cancellation fee will be charged.

End users are responsible for backing up and restoring their iTunes Libraries. The PC Replacement Program does not backup your iTunes Library and therefore cannot restore it from backups. If it is necessary for you to recover your iTunes library from your old system (before the 4 business days hold time expires), a data recovery fee of $100 will be charged to perform the recovery. Directions for backing up your iTunes Library are available here.

For security reasons, it is our University policy to no longer allow "saved passwords" in web browsers on our campus image.  Our ISO office recommends a few different password managers to help manage your passwords and access to your passwords when using a web browser with a plugin.