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Technology at SCU

How to Backup Your Data for PC Replacement

For those of you who are getting new computers this year whether through the PC Replacement Program or purchasing your own, this may be the first time you've had to back up your data.  We hope the following information will help you.

Instructions for PC

Our technicians will backup the following items for you:

  • The Documents folder;
  • Your Internet Explorer Favorites;
  • Your Firefox Bookmarks (if applicable);
  • Your Chrome Bookmarks (if applicable);

If you have documents or personal data NOT located in the "Documents" folder (other than your IE Favorites, Firefox Bookmarks, and/or Chrome Bookmarks), they will NOT be backed up. Please move your documents / personal data to your "Documents" folder before the technicians arrive to replace your computer.

What about my software programs?

  • Your replacement computer will have a standard set of software programs already installed when you receive it. You can see what is included on your replacement computer by checking the software configuration page.
  • If there is an software program you need on your replacement computer which does not appear on the software configuration page, you will need to have it installed after you receive your replacement computer. Please contact the Technology Help Desk at x5700 to schedule the software installation. The technicians who replace your computer will not be able to install any software programs due to time constraints. This also includes desktop enhancement software, such as screensavers which do not come with Windows.


  • Clicking on a plus symbol next to any drive or folder will expand the folder to view content one level.
  • You can use the "find" search bar / link button to locate your files (START>>>FIND>>>FILES and FOLDERS) and also drag those to your folders in Windows.
  • If you drag the files while holding your right mouse button, when you release the button, the computer will ask if you want to move or copy the files.
  • Make sure to check "Documents" for more data files.

Instructions for Macintosh

  • Create a new folder by going up to File and selecting New Folder. Once the folder appears on your desktop, give it a name (e.g., My Data Folder).
  • Put all documents that you want transferred to your drive or new Mac in the created folder called My Data Folder. This includes all MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files that you might have on your machine.

If you still have problems in backing up your Macintosh, you can contact the Technology Help Desk at x5700.