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Department ofTheatre and Dance

Spring Dance Festival 2022

Faculty advisor: Kristin Kusanovich

April 9-10, 2022

Fess Parker Studio Theatre

Reflect on the remarkably topical and beautifully complicated human experiences of loneliness, isolation, growth and healing in this powerful and uplifting student-choreographed double feature dance show.

Choreographer, Ciona Bohacek


A journey exploring the transition from affectionate connectivity, to a state of solitude in quarantine. My dance will capture experiences of isolation and portray the process of healing through the acceptance of technology as a medium of virtual connectivity. The screen was once limited in pursuit of better connection with present surroundings, and the disturbance of a phone ring would often be quickly silenced in an effort to live in the
moment. But in isolation, a realization came: technology was once seen as a distraction and during quarantine it was seen as our lifeline. Following quarantine, our appreciation for the wonder of technology still lingers as a bridge between distance and a patch to mend lost connections with loved ones. Loving from a distance and connecting from afar through the global pandemic has forced us to be at peace with distance. The four dances in my recital flow through 4 stages of healing, my rewrite of the stages of grief, to represent a path back from the scars of our isolation, and explore how we can now move forward together in love, harmony, and hope through mending broken connections. Please enjoy The Healing.

Choreographer, Hannah Cole



Being exposed to so many young people who are living away from home for the first time in their lives is really eye opening. Any person’s identity, my own included, is a concept so multifaceted and complex that it may not even be clear to the person for themselves who they are and who they are ment to be.
My piece κρίση is about anyone, everyone, you, and me, all throughout time. The experience is so specific yet palpable to any person who has reached a point in their life that pressures them to question their identity and role in the grand scheme of things. It is the story of any singular person through the retelling of specific Greek myths, strung together to follow a single emotional arc, beginning with the thrill of rejecting societal norms for the first time, a whirlwind relationship destined to go wrong, a loss of sense of self, and dealing with moving on.

6 female dancers in black tees & shorts

Split image with a female dancer reflected in 2 mirrors and 3 modern dancers in creamdresses reaching for a 4th dancer